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Our Missionary Committee promotes mission interest in the congregation and encourages generous giving towards mission work in Ireland and overseas. On one Sunday evening or morning each month we welcome a missionary speaker to our service and, encourage gifts to our Missionary Fund.

As well as supporting the work of our own Maud Kells in Congo with WEC International (http://www.wec-int.org.uk/ ) we also take a particular interest in the work of Robin Scott, Director of Prison Fellowship in Northern Ireland (http://www.ramfihaz.co.uk/pfni/index.php ), who grew up in our congregation.

A number of members of our congregation have been directly involved with church based projects in Romania and have served on the summer outreach programme of Dublin Christian Mission (http://www.dcmlive.ie/ ) as well as on summer outreach teams of the Presbyterian Church.

As well as following Presbyterian missionary work in Ireland and Overseas, some other missionary organisations with which we have regular contact include the links.

Church workers currently overseas...

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